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The Ghana Startups Awards is an annual award ceremony that celebrates ambitious and indigenous start-up businesses that are making impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social needs and putting Ghana on the global economic map.

This initiative is part of our contribution to enhancing the Startup Eco-System in Ghana and providing the support and public recognition needed for outstanding startups in Ghana to thrive.

The Awards honours young, smart and daring entrepreneurs & startups, who, despite all the challenges they face, have taken the risk to pursue entrepreneurship as a full-time career and are building globally businesses.

This event will host over 300 startups from all over Ghana, policy makers, startup support service providers and startup ecosystem stakeholders and will honour hardworking, innovative and deserving startups in 17 different categories.

The Awards is an initiative managed by The Startup Network, a network under The African Network of Entreprenurs with Sponsorship from Premium Bank Ghana and in partnership with KPMG, Avance Media, iConceptsPR and Edel Technology Consulting.


The judges will be looking to award outstanding achievements, innovative business concept, growth and good management skills.


1. A Registered business (not an idea or plan) – Ownership being Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability or Partnership and a Social Enterprise.
2. Headquartered in Ghana
3. Between 6 months and 6 years
4. Independent business – not subdivision or franchise
5. Be 50% or more Ghanaian owned, with the owner/s responsible for making the key management decisions


1. Be a listed company, a franchisee, franchisor, a club or a co-operative.
2. Be more than 50% owned by another business;
3. Be either: A recipient of significant on-going government funding (i.e. the business is reliant upon the funding for operation); or A government agency;
4. Have employees who have been involved in the judging of the Awards program (exception given to Startup Support Organisations)
5. Given the necessarily fluid nature of these definitions, the basic rule is: if in doubt, just APPLY!


1. Innovative in operations, product or service, or marketing (e.g. use of technology)
2. Product or service solving hard problems and meeting a pressing market demand
3. Gaining traction or making a mark – either with increasing number of customers or in research and development
4. Have the potential to reshape their industry
5. Exhibit a great combination of passion & opportunity
6. Have a large market opportunity
7. Source of funding is mainly internal
8. Avenue for job creation
9. Meet tax and social security obligations
10. Profit making
11. High market value (cost of research and development and physical assets)
12. Experienced management team

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