About the Ghana Startup Capital Fund

The Ghana Start-Up Capital fund is a private sector (non-profit) and a self-help initiative set-up to massively promote entrepreneurship, provide needed support and resources to entrepreneurs, create jobs and reduce unemployment, and provide skills development and knowledge transfer.

Vision of Fund:
To raise, in a decade, GH¢10,000,000 (Ten Million Ghana Cedis) through donations and contributions by entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations, local and international donors, investments and fund-raising activities to support the development of entrepreneurship and to invest in innovative and economically viable ideas and start-up businesses.
The Need for the Fund
  1. To raise and equip a new breed of entrepreneurs capable of starting, managing and growing businesses that can compete globally.
  2. To continuously stimulate entrepreneurial activity in Ghana through the provision of needed resources and support systems.
  3. To increase Ghana’s Total Entrepreneurship Activity (TEA) and thus improve the country’s total entrepreneurial activity ranking amongst developing countries.
  4. To address factors that hamper new entrants and growth of existing youth-owned and run enterprises.
  5. To contribute towards the achievement of an appreciable target for national economic growth through entrepreneurial activities.
  6. To contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8.
  7. Motivate and equip the youth to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
Objectives of the Fund
The GSC Fund seeks to meet the following objectives:
  1. To create an enabling environment for the massive growth of entrepreneurs and the actualization of innovative ideas and sustainability of start-up businesses through the provision of needed resources and support.
  2. To build the skills and capacity of the youth in Ghana.
  3. To contribute to Nation Building and Economic Development.
  4. To help eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by reducing unemployment especially among the youth in Ghana (SDG 1, 2 & 8).
  5. Support and empower women to build global entrepreneurial businesses thereby promoting gender equality (SDG 5).
  6. To develop global partnerships to ensure the sustainably of the Fund and the continuous fulfillment of the fund’s vision, objectives and functions (SDG 11)
  7. In influence, challenge and advocate for favorable policies to ensure the sustainability and global competitiveness of Ghanaian entrepreneurs.
Functions of the Fund
The GSC Fund will be used for the following purposes:
  1. Equity investment in entrepreneurial start-up businesses and economically viable and innovative ideas.
  2. Establishment of micro-finance schemes to provide small and soft loans and financial literacy training to entrepreneurs.
  3. Investment in Entrepreneurship Research, Awareness Creation and Development.
  4. Investment in Assets and Entrepreneurial Resources.
  5. Establishing and financially supporting Business Support and Start-Up Advisory and Coaching Centers.
  6. Establishing and financially supporting skills development and capacity building centers.
  7. Continuous Fund raising activities, supporting TANOE programs and initiatives and operation of GSC Fund.



The Ghana Startup Club 100 is an annual compilation of the Top 100 Startups most passionate about growth, sustainability and job creation. This ranking seeks to identify startups that have leapfrogged from ideation to the market, building a steady customer base and structures to guarantee continuity and seamless operations. These startups are bold, daring and passionate about solving pertinent problems in the society through the provision of innovative solutions and are constantly seeking ways to expand their operations; providing employment and opportunities and attracting investments. Startups from one month to 7 years can nominate themselves and stand the chance of being shortlisted to be members of the Ghana Startup Club 100, giving them the opportunity to be part of a year long incubation and support program that is focused on ensuring their continuous growth, providing them access to numerous partners and collaborators and funding opportunities with the Startup Capital Fund.